1. Shulman - One Step Closer
  2. Shulman - Zero Degrees
  3. Shulman - Small Grey Creatures
  4. Shulman - Instability

Welcome to Shulman

Shulman is a psybient group from Israel, with members Yaniv Shulman and Omri Harpaz. Shulman’s sound features elements of “glitch” and displays a large IDM influence. Shulman is also a remix artist within the psybient genre. (Read More)

Recent News:

– The new Shulman album entitled “ALive” is out! You can buy this at a special sale at the Aleph Zero Shop! Click here to know more!
– Invention (Alive Mix) featured on Beatport! Click here to know more!
– Tour Dates coming soon!