Omri Harpaz

Omri Harpaz (Omi), is a 28 year old from Israel, who studied computer programming. Omi started DJing when he was 17 and has since played all over the world (Japan, Mexico, Kenya, Holland, Germany, Portugal, The USA, Brazil and more).

In the last few years, Omi started producing music. He started off with his project “Digital Manta” which was more progressive oriented, but after a while he decided to transition to the more full on side of trance and began his new project called “40%”. Omi’s music is dance floor oriented and aims to get the crowds up and dancing. For the past four years, Omi has joined “Shulman” producing chillout music and performing all over the world. Omi has collaborated with many other known artists in the trance scene as well.

Omi is influenced by many types of music from hardcore heavy metal through punk, modern rock, gothic, industrial, hip-hop, and trip hop. His favorite artists are: Pantera, Metallica, Linkin Park, System of a Dawn, Eminem, My Dying Bride, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Dr. Dre, and many more.