Yaniv Shulman

Yaniv Shulman is from Israel. He has a computer science BS with DSP and math emphasis, and studies music theory at the moment. Yaniv has produced music for the last 11 years. He is focused mainly on downbeat electronic music of all sorts, but has also worked on electronic music such as dance floor oriented music, trip hop projects, rock, and more. Being a talented and successful sound technician, he has worked on other aspects of musical creation such as running his own mastering studio and working as a recording engineer and assistant producer in Israel’s largest recording studio.

Yaniv grew up surrounded by music and started out by playing the organ when he was a child and then later played different musical instruments. When he was a teenager, he played the guitar in a couple of hardcore and death metal bands. After that, he delved into drumming. In the last couple of years, he’s been learning to play the piano. Yaniv is inspired by a varied array of music, from the modern composers such as Rahmaninov and Ravel through rock, ethnic, and all kinds of electronic music. Some of his favorite artists include: FSOL, Bach, Pink Floyd, TIP, Hallucinogen, Bjork, Anti Pop Consortium, Messhuggah, and many more. Music with strong atmosphere, endless space, and emotional harmonies is what Yaniv likes best and he works to incorporate these elements into his music and production.

In addition, Yaniv is managing Aleph Zero (www.aleph-zero.info), a well respected label, with partner Shahar Bar-Itzhak (aka DJ Shahar). Aleph Zero was created with a vision of releasing and promoting high quality downbeat electronic music, journeying through the realms of ambient, chill out, ethnic sounds and weird electronica.