In Search of a Meaningful Moment

In Search of a Meaningful Moment

The highly anticipated second Shulman album, “In search of a Meaningful Moment” arrives. This album follows the worldwide success of the first album, “Soundscapes and Modern Tales, which was hailed as “the Israeli answer to Shpongle”. In making the new album, Shulman used many ground-breaking sounds and effects, hypnotic beats, and acoustical instruments, all combined brilliantly to create beautiful harmonies, interesting sonic structures, and deep emotional moments.
This album aims at creating a new dimension of daydreaming, allowing the listener to experience the wild rose of winds that connect the mystical east and the modern west. Using sounds, Shulman softly paints the infinite deserts, seas, landscapes, temples and cities that surround us on our greatest life adventure – the search for a meaningful moment.



“In Search of A Meaningful Moment… is a product of contemporary design, and the various
ethnic agencies at play are so good I’m convinced they’ll unsettle the techno-folk cabal
lockdowned by Shpongle and the ancestry of Higher Intelligence Agency. Ear-tenderizing
stuff, this.” – e|i Magazine (USA & Canada)

“Once in a while a truly great album comes along that is as near to perfection as it is
possible to get. An incredible journey into musical possibility that reaches and touches
places and people in a magical way” – psyreviews (UK)

“Shulman’s search for the meaningful moment takes the listener on a global journey —
from east to west, from beat to beatless. It’s a search that may not have any end, but the
journey– ah! the journey — is the key. Recommended.” – Igloo Magazine (USA)

“Towards the end of the journey, when inducers of illusion begin to seep out of the body,
the psychedelic footprint of past travels is still warm and fresh. Senses are exposed and
ready to scream at the slightest provocation: slowly chewing piece of fruit is an explosive
experience; fascination detains your eyes at every glance; simple touch has the power to
astound. As the boundaries of common decency between senses become overwhelmingly
blurred, all eyes are on sound. ” – (USA)

“The album is a magic carpet ride into an auditory heaven. Playable again and again and
again…….. !” – BPM Magazine (South Africa)

“The most impressive, challenging and beautiful down tempo release I’ve heard in a long
long while. Plenty of meaningful moments here- a real masterpiece!!!”
– (Israel)

“The second album by the artist Shulman is Israel’s best answer to today’s chill out scene,
of which he is now one of the emerging champions. I would venture to call this
Exotichedelia! Again, there are a myriad of space elements and images, alien voices,
heady vocal samples and suggestions of other living creatures predominant in our midst.
Combined with the killer beats, dub rhythms, and layered atmospheres, this is a
combination that is truly hard to beat” – Backroads (USA)

“This album is definitely among the best albums I have heard this year. I also think
Shulman has become even better since his first album” – (Norway)
“The album gets you thinking… all the tracks are long, beautiful and take you on a
journey.” – India Times (India)

“Shulman’s In Search of a Meaningful Moment is… a call to arms for truly global chill
music.” – (USA)